38/79-81 Soi Ekachai 64/2
Ekachai Rd., Bangbon Bangkhuntian
Bangkok 10150, Thailand

Tel. +66 89 779 9364
Fax : +66 2 899 0445
Mobile : + 66 89 779 9364
Opening Hours :
We’re open Mon – Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm GMT+7

Why our factory is the best!

Thippanan Singtong
Working at our factory has offered us a great chance to continue to learn and develop our skills.
Thippanan Singtong / Production & Delivery
Kruewan Wiangnont
I know it’s difficult to run our own factory, but I do trust our inner drive. Together we continue to improve ourselves and take our factory to another level.
Kruewan Wiangnont / Production Department
Manop Kaewpaka
With the one brain and two hands of each worker which have already made capitalists rich and wealthy, from now on we work for ourselves, for our friends, and for our fellow workers.
Manop Kaewpaka / Marketing, Packaging & Labeling
Pakjira Meechai
Although sometimes it’s very exhausting work, it’s nevertheless a happy exhaustion to be our own boss. We always face new challenges together, and we love to be this way.
Pakjira Meechai / Factory Management

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