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Made in Thailand? How?

By Brian Curtin In early 2010, the Bangkok-based curator Logan Bay invited a number of artists to create works in a silk-screen factory at the edge of Samut Sakhon, where an exhibition titled Free Size was subsequently mounted.

Made in Siam

Founded in 2003 by former sweatshop workers who were illegally dismissed from their factory without compensation, Dignity Returns has operated as a worker-managed garment cooperative for the past 8 years.

Victims break chains of slavery

By Brian Byrnes, CNN Buenos Aires – Maria Velasquez was in need of work. She had no prospects in her hometown of La Paz, Bolivia, so when she was offered a bus ticket to Argentina and assured of steady work and a home there, she jumped at the chance.

“Alternative” or “Ethical” Clothes

A number of initiatives selling clothes that are calling themselves “ethical”, “alternative” or “fairly produced” have sprung up following campaigns by the international anti-sweatshop movement and increased consumer interest in fair trade and ethical shopping.

Dignity Returns

Dignity Returns at Protest site, the Ministry of Labor April, 2008 Brand: Dignity Returns The Solidarity Factory Cooperative was created by former Bed and Bath factory workers.